Have you been wanting to turn your classroom into a student-paced learning environment?

With Spiral Assignments, you can now easily engage in student-paced activities, flipped learning, in-class flips and set activities as homework.

Here’s a really quick guide on how you can create assignments with Spiral:

Step 1. Create an assignment



Click on your assignments tab from your teacher dashboard. Then click the plus sign then select a class and an activity.


2. Share with students



Assignments are automatically added to your students’ dashboards.
You can also share the unique link to Google Classroom, or via email.


3. Students complete the assignment



Students complete assignments, on their personal devices, in class or at home.


4. Review and assess



You can mark and review assignments immediately after they are submitted.


5. Review the answers with entire class

share and discuss with the whole class

On the whiteboard, you can share the answers for discussion with the whole class.


Give student-paced assignments a try in your classroom and let us know how it went! We love to connect on twitter, tweet us at http://twitter.com/spiraleducation