Learning a new language is always a challenge but it’s great for students to grasp the basics as early on as possible. Getting vocabulary and phrases to stick is probably the hardest part but with the rise of interactive and immersive language learning it’s actually never been easier!

Here are 5 language learning activities from Spiral that you can run in your class:

1. Spanish irregular verbs

This Quickfire activity is perfect for getting to grips with the foundations of the Spanish language.  Once launched, you can fire off a series of verbs while your students log in through their personal devices to translate.




2. Learn Dutch: words for food

This fun video outlines a list of vocabulary for different foods in Dutch. Get your students to repeat the words and see how many they can remember! You can add a discussion question at any time to get your students to work in groups and collaborate.




3. French Adjectives

A quickfire of French adjectives is sure to get your students thinking fast and using their language skills! Set a timer for an extra challenge or add images to the question to give them prompts!




4. German: A Beginner’s Guide

In this Discuss video, your students can try out some German pronunciation and also practice useful everyday phrases. You can add a discussion question at any time to test their knowledge or get them to work in together.




5. Beginner Phrases: Italian

These beginner phrases are great for learning the basics and teaching your students how to start conversations in Italian. See how many of them they know and get them to log into their personal devices to submit their translations!




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