Symbaloo ( is loved by educators everywhere; and we’re excited to announce Spiral’s new friendship with Symbaloo! As well as Symbaloo Lesson Plans we think that their webmix tool is a fantastic resource for use in any tech enabled classroom.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a free gift from SymbalooEDU, exclusively for teachers that use Spiral).

We’ve added a nifty button to Spiral so you can easily use Symbaloo to organize the Quickfires, Discusses and Clips you prepared. Check it out:

Share 5 basic cooking skills on Symbaloo


What is Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool that has educators and their classrooms in mind. It’s a fun, simple way to organize all your EdTech tools and content for your lesson plans.

There’s also a premium version: “SymbalooEDU Premium,” which is a resource management system that’s designed specifically for teachers, schools, and districts to create a custom URL to manage all their digital resources.


Why Symbaloo webmixes are great for educators

When we first started Spiral, we spent a year sitting in classrooms where teachers were interacting with students using 1:1 devices and digital whiteboards. What we found is that teachers use and switch through a LOT of apps and digital resources. It took up a lot of lesson time searching for each app or sifting through bookmarks. Teachers were often getting their classes mixed up too (“Where was that resource for year 10 English again?”). Symbaloo webmixes solve this problem by giving teachers an easy place to bookmark all the resources they need for that class – so there’s no hunting for resources during the lesson. Teachers can also share a Symbaloo webmix with a collection of resources to share with their class for a project.

You might also remember our webmix of 24 Must Teach Poems for Middle School and K12.

Lastly, Symbaloo is great for sharing all your resources with new teachers at your school, or teachers who have been asking about EdTech but don’t know where to get started. You can make a webmix to share the resources you’ve had the most success with at your school.


Here’s the easiest way to create a Symbaloo webmix with Spiral:

Creating a new Symbaloo webmix

  1. Head on over to Symbaloo’s home page at

Symbaloo USA Homepage


2. If you clicked the ‘plus’ tab on Symbaloo’s homepage, that will start an empty webmix for you. Give it a name.

Symbaloo create new webmix


3. Once your webmix is ready, you can head on over to Spiral’s lesson idea search and find a suitable lesson you wish to teach (or use our Chrome plugin to create a formative assessment from any public Youtube video).


Spiral revision lesson search



4. Click the ‘Share on Symbaloo’ button.

(Note, you don’t exclusively need to use Spiral for this – you can add any web resource to your Symbaloo webmix)

Spiral revision lesson for rational expressions


5. You’ll see the ‘Symbaloo Bookmarker’ popup appear. If you gave your webmix a name, you’ll be able to choose it from the dropdown “Pick a webmix” and click the “Add to your Symbaloo” button.

The Symbaloo bookmarker will appear


6. Your tile will appear on your webmix. Rejoice! (but we’re not done yet).

Your tile will now be visible on your Symbaloo Webmix


7. You can edit your tile by right clicking on it and selecting “Edit” from the drop down menu. From there you will be able to give it a suitable image so that you can recognize it once your webmix starts filling up with more tiles.


Then you’ll be well on your way to creating an awesome Symbaloo webmix for your semester’s revision classes (or any topic you choose to make your webmix for).


How will you use Symbaloo? Let us know! We’re always learning more and more about the ways teachers use EdTech in class.


Like what you see with Symbaloo? Get certified too!

Here’s the best part about Symbaloo for Education, they have online certification, and Spiral teachers are being rewarded with a voucher to access their basic certification for free.


Here’s how to get Symbaloo certified for free:

To learn more about SymbalooEDU and their certifications, check out their website here:

  1. Click on the link “HAVE A PROMO CODE? CLICK HERE” and enter the code SPIRAL17SYM to waive the admin costs for basic certification.
  2. Complete your SymbalooEDU Basic Certification using the Symbaloo Lesson Plan that they provide. (Hey we said it was ‘free’ not easy).
  3. Show off your SymbalooEDU Certification badge and be the envy of all your friends 🙂
  4. Give us a tweet at @SpiralEducation and @SymbalooEdu to show off that you’re certified!


Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with Symbaloo!