It’s Teachers’ Day in Singapore! With Spiral PRO just around the corner, we’re offering FREE Spiral PRO for one year (RRP US$39/year) to the first 20 teachers that take part in our giveaway!

To take part:

Tweet the following message: “Checking out – The most comprehensive 1:1 learning platform #teachersday (via @SpiralEducation)”

Use any of the following images, and tag at least 5 of your most technology savvy teaching friends in the image.

Alternatively, introduce Spiral to at least 3 of your most technology savvy teacher friends and add ‘’ to the CC list.


(T&Cs apply –  must be a teacher based in Singapore at any MOE recognised school, including International Schools etc., Limited to one Spiral PRO account per teacher. Accounts must be from your school email address and are non-transferrable).


So what’s going to be in Spiral PRO?

Everything you get in regular Spiral, plus:

A ‘Student First’ Learning Journey
Both student-led classroom and homework-based assignments can be set.

Digital note-taking is matched with presentation resources.

Student portfolio – each student will have their own dashboard to complete assignments, view marks and review their work.
A More Comprehensive Student Engagement Platform
Spiral PRO is now able to deliver all your planning, teaching, homework and evaluation requirements through our platform that can be accessed by your students from any device.
Plan, teach, assign homework and carry out formative and summative assessments on any of your existing classroom activities.
Assess, Grade & Feedback
Award marks and grades that can give feedback to the students immediately.

Track Student portfolios – Assignments, Timeline and Marking
A Comprehensive Workflow
Spiral PRO is integrated with Google classroom so you can mix and match those needs for a document based workflow and a more collaborative human teaching practice.


We’re really excited about Spiral PRO and can’t wait to release our most comprehensive 1:1 teaching and learning platform  to date!


Mark (