The secret’s out! Quickfire has had a makeover and we can’t wait for you to check it out. The first thing you may notice is the color change – a vibrant shade of pink. But it’s not only the new aesthetics we’re excited about, we’ve also added some neat new functions which should enable you and your students to get a lot more out of the experience! And while we didn’t want to take away from the old Quickfire, we hope that you will like some of the new features that we have added.


As you can see the, we’ve introduced a more intuitive set-up page which allows you to quickly enter your title, plan questions or launch right away.


We’ve also added some optional features when setting the questions up. Just like before, you can select a text or canvas answer format for the questions and set a timer. A new feature is the option to add an image which can be uploaded straight from your image library. This image will show as both the question and the canvas image and can act as a visual aid for your session.


If an image is selected for the canvas then the students will be able to draw on it, type text and add annotations as shown below. Perfect for labeling diagrams!


And you don’t need to worry, all your previous data will still be there and stored in the same place. The new Quickfire is all ready to go –  log in or register to have a go now!

Color psychology: Pink

Did you know that the color pink represents nurturing and understanding? It also seen as a positive color that symbolizes hope, kindness and empathy. Often associated with childhood, pink is a color of youth and optimism. We think it’s perfect for Quickfire!