As Spiral users, it’s important that you know how to get the most from our applications and navigating your way around the dashboard is the first step. In this quick guide we’ll show you how to  manage your classes, access previous activities, and also understand your data sheets which contain all interactions with your students.

1. Public activities: This is where all the shared activities uploaded from other teachers sit. You can click on the tab to view the activities and search for topics. Once you’ve seen one that you would like to run with your class, you can hit launch to get started right away!


2. Managing classes: You can click on the dropdown to select different classes and also add new ones. If you want to edit or delete these classes then simply click either the cross or edit button in the top right-hand corner.


3. Managing students: Click on the students link to add current students to classes, add new students, and also sync your class with Google Classroom to import your existing students. Here you can also assign classes to students, edit student names and also delete students.


4. Data sheets: You can manage all of your interactions with your students and access data sheets from previous lessons. These data sheets include all of your students’ answers which you can then print or export into an excel spreadsheet. This will help you to manage their progress and quickly identify any knowledge gaps.


And of course Quickfire, Discuss and Team Up are always ready to launch from the main dashboard so you can get started right away with activities in your classroom.

We hope you’re enjoying Spiral and getting the most from your dashboard but if you do have any problems then you can contact us on Twitter. Follow us at @SpiralEducation to start a conversation – we look forward to hearing from you!