It’s amazing how quickly the summer holidays seem to disappear in just a few weeks. Those blissful, peaceful mornings and all those long summer nights are soon to be a distant memory. It’s time to dust off your school supplies and prepare for the new term! But don’t worry you’re not alone – there are millions of other teachers out there with the same woes each year:

1. Early mornings

Monday mornings are bad enough at the best of times but the first one after the summer break has to be the worst. Chances are you’ll open your eyes and feel like rolling over and going straight back to sleep.

Solution: Set aside some time at home to relax and gather your thoughts before you leave. Make sure you arm yourself with a strong cup of coffee and start with a hearty breakfast to keep you going on your first day!

Monday morning

2. New students

A new school term often means teaching new students which can be terrifying. There’s always the risk of getting a difficult student that disrupts the whole class and generally makes your job a lot harder.

Solution: Try and find some common ground and continue to keep reaching out to them until you have a better relationship. It’s also a good idea to end each request with a positive so that the student can see how it can be beneficial for both of you. Don’t deal with it on your own – ask other teachers how they have dealt with difficult students in the past and see what other techniques have been tried and tested.


3. Engaging students with low attention spans

Even once you’ve got the attention of all your students, it can be tricky to keep them engaged. It may seem like even the tiniest of distractions is enough to set them off which is not ideal when you’re trying to manage your class and get through your lessons.

Solution: How about engaging them through Spiral’s collaborative classroom tools? Studies have shown that student engagement has risen by 55% due to technology in the classroom with 93% of teachers now using digital tools to enhance lessons. * With Spiral, you’re able to better interact and engage with your students by running activities and then allowing students to log in through a portable device. This means that they will be immediately engaged and be able to participate with more confidence!

teacher meme 3

4. Marking and grading

You may have wondered what evenings were for before marking and grading completely took over your life. It can seem never ending and overwhelming at times so it’s important to stay sane.

Solution: Remember to take a breather and try to break it up as much as you can. If you run activities in Spiral, you can mark students’ work as you go along, give feedback and have access to all of this interaction. This should cut down the amount of manual marking and grading that you’ll need to do.

teachers marking

5. Observation

That nail-biting moment when your classes are being observed and you just know that it will be the one time all your students feel like acting up and misbehaving.

Solution: Try to stay calm and relaxed and always go over topics that you’re most familiar with. Make sure you have all of your resources at hand and focus on keeping your students engaged and interacting with you. And if some sort of disaster does strike then remember to smile and keep on going. They will have seen it all before and the main thing is that to show that you are able to handle unexpected situations and work well under pressure.

observation teachers

6. Lesson planning

Planning every lesson from scratch can be extremely time consuming and you’ll soon see your workload multiply.

Solution: Make sure you have a good library of resources that you can dive into whenever you’re feeling low on inspiration and ideas. Spiral makes lesson planning easy by providing tools that allow you to bring your lessons to life and making them instantly more interactive. We even have some pre-made resources in our library to help get you started!

lesson plans

7. Trying to get your students to do group work

Organising your students into groups can seem like an impossible task at times. Something about the concept does not sit well with students and it can throw even the most harmonious of classrooms into complete chaos.

Solution: You can use Spiral’s Team Up to allow your student to effectively collaborate and work together, ensuring that each member is contributing. You can assign group leaders and allow your students to present their work in a visually engaging format through their own devices. Group work has never been so easy!