Say Hello to Spiral Pro.

EdTech is coming of age this semester


Our mission is to “Make the most comprehensive teaching and learning apps that support real teaching practices”


We built four apps. We reinvented the fastest way to carry out formative assessments. We supported teachers all over the world.

Most of all, we learned a lot by listening to what teachers actually do in classrooms. This made our EdTech apps the best fit into existing teaching & learning practices. And we’re not done yet.


The one thing every teacher kept asking for was to use Spiral outside the classroom.

So we made an upgrade to Spiral. We call it Spiral Pro.

It’s everything you get with ‘Spiral Free’, plus:

  • Set activities as assignments. For flipped learning or as homework that students can complete on their own devices.
  • Students’ very own dashboard. Where they can review and revise their work.
  • Quickfire Step. To track progression of students’ answers.
  • Discuss note taking. Allows students to save their own notes on each of your slides.
  • Grade each activity and generate advanced student progress reports.

Spiral Pro comes with two months free trial, and will cost (US) $40 per year for you to use with as many students as you like.

Log into Spiral and your free 2 month trial will activate immediately. This will not affect your ‘free forever’ version of Spiral, which will remain free, forever.