Attention all Google Classroom users! Did you know that you can now sync your Google Classroom data with Spiral? We’ve made it really simple for you to pull in information from your classes and connect with your students in just a few clicks. This means you can easily manage everything within Spiral and get started with activities right away!

So how does it work?

First, log into your Spiral account with Google. Once you’re on the interface, click on the students button in the top right-hand corner:


You’ll then be taken to your students page where you will notice a sync button. Simply press this and go through to verify your account.



The sync will start automatically and you’ll see all of your data being pulled through. Your students can then join by signing in with their own Google accounts and verifying their details. From there, you’ll be able to quickly view all of your classes and also see which students are assigned. And there you have it – a harmonious union between Google Classroom and Spiral!

Having problems? You can contact us by sending an email to