I’m a huge fan of reading, and I’ve finally gotten round to reading Angela Duckworth’s book: Grit. In Grit, Angela shows, by indications from her research with teachers, that passion and perseverance are much better predictors of success than other traditional measurements like IQ.

In my personal life, I’m surrounded by teachers and youth psychologists who couldn’t agree more with Angela’s messages. One concept that stands out to me is the nurturing of a “growth mindset” and how easy it is to unintentionally undermine a student’s growth mindset.


If you’re not familiar with Grit, here’s a link to Angela Duckworth’s TED talk on Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance: https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_grit_the_power_of_passion_and_perseverance

Here’s a mini infographic on Angela Duckworth’s growth mindset and grit that you can print out and stick somewhere in your staff room:

Growth Mindset and Grit

I’ve also thought of some other phrases that can help a growth mindset too. Feel free to add more.

If you have any book recommendations. Let me know!