What is a Classroom Learning Platform?

What is a Classroom Learning Platform? By Ben Toettcher, Training Director at | @bentoettcher A classroom learning platform (CLP) is a digital platform that boosts learning in classrooms. They integrate with learning management systems (LMS), and extend digital student response systems (SRS) to cover everyday learning activities. Student responses at heart There’s a…

How to review a student’s work and enroll them into new classes

How to see students’ answers before revealing them on your projected screen

How Quickfire handles multiple choice questions.

Hi All, I know a lot of you have been asking how to do multiple choice questions. Although Spiral is mostly designed for a quick formative assessment around free text inputs, we've made a video that shows how Quickfire can be used for multiple choice questions too.

NEW Feature – Quickfire Steps (Available to Spiral ‘Beta’ Testers Only)

Uplevel Student's Answers with Quickfire Step from Spiral If you're interested to become a Spiral beta tester and get access to all 'Spiral Labs' developments, please tweet us at

The fastest way to do your first formative assessment with Quickfire

The fastest way to do your first formative assessment with Quickfire | Spiral from Spiral

Using Team Up for “Quick Networks” Brainstorming

"Quick Networks" is another way to engage and energize during your learners during instructional time. "Quick Networks" is an instructional strategy that is great for collaborative brainstorming. The Team Up feature on Spiral is a great tool to use to facilitate group work. There is no need for paper and pencils because Team Up has…

SymbalooEDU & Spiral – A perfect EdTech combo

Symbaloo ( is loved by educators everywhere; and we’re excited to announce Spiral’s new friendship with Symbaloo! As well as Symbaloo Lesson Plans we think that their webmix tool is a fantastic resource for use in any tech enabled classroom. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a free gift from SymbalooEDU, exclusively for…

Spiral Tip! How to test an EdTech app before you unleash it in class

Sometimes, checking out an EdTech app in a live environment is not an option. Especially when you've got a room full of students to manage and need to focus as many precious minutes as you can on teaching your lesson. If you're thinking about using Spiral and have been worried about losing lesson time or…

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