Spiral.ac listed as ‘Best of Teacher Tools 2017’ on CommonSense Education

Honored & humbled. Spiral.ac was listed as Best of Teacher Tools 2017 on CommonSense Education.   You can view the list, and the other category winners here: https://www.commonsense.org/education/top-picks/best-edtech-of-2017   A very, very, very, large thank you to all our fans, and everyone that voted!

Sharing your best Spiral activity templates with other teachers

Did you know that you can share your best Spiral activity templates with your teacher friends? They don't even need a Spiral account to preview it.    

True teaching is one that not teaches knowledge but stimulates children to gain it.

Quickfire: Multiplication Math Relay 1

Students love playing this multiplication math relay. Easily adaptable for addition, fractions, factors & more: https://spiral.ac/sharing/dmavdmf/math-relay-1 Please share this if you find it useful!      

Which cup gets filled first?

    You can try this as a student, answering a Spiral assignment here: https://spiral.ac/student/assignments/de5d692d8520498496b2597e996bf271

An introduction to Open Education Resources (and a list!)

@jarowell has created a solid introduction to open educational resources with a guide to how you can legally use, modify and share them. He's also put together a list of quality sources for open educational resources. We thought it was too good not to share, so the list can be found at the following URL: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1noGaWpE_cDBTgXGiw1Ql2OHpQsXDPGeUEmojIRV6bWA/edit#slide=id.gf109b0cbe_0_103 Or…

Have you tried a student-paced activity yet?

Have you been wanting to turn your classroom into a student-paced learning environment? With Spiral Assignments, you can now easily engage in student-paced activities, flipped learning, in-class flips and set activities as homework. Here's a really quick guide on how you can create assignments with Spiral: Step 1. Create an assignment   Click on your assignments tab…

Say Hello to Spiral Pro.

Say Hello to Spiral Pro. EdTech is coming of age this semester   Our mission is to “Make the most comprehensive teaching and learning apps that support real teaching practices”   We built four apps. We reinvented the fastest way to carry out formative assessments. We supported teachers all over the world. Most of all,…

Quickfire: Viewing individual students that provided the same answer

1. Click on the 'Show Names' icon at the bottom right of the Quickfire screen.   2. You will then see the name for one student and a message like "& 4 more students" in the box.   3. If you click on the 'expand' button, you will be able to see the individual students…

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